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Opulentus¬†Opulentus has been with me throughout the visa process. I thank the entire team of Opulentus and my case officer for helping me through the process. They took care of all my necessary requirements for processing the visa. I was interested in working abroad and I had experience too in my hand. I dint know how to go and I dint know which country was the best for me. I had a conversation regarding this with one of my office colleagues and he told me to approach Opulentus which is a leading immigration consultancy and they can help me with the entire process. So, the next day I wanted to give it a shot and approached them. I told them my requirement and they immediately started giving me options for the kind of work or place and how many places I am eligible of working with the experience I have, how much they will pay me. I was really impressed with their information. They are up to date with all the information. They even gave me few countries as options and told that my field was good in their countries and there is even growth. I immediately availed their services and opted for Canada. They took my pre assessment to check if I was eligible to the country employment. Luckily I was and they started processing my visa immediately. My case officer at Opulentus helped me with the gathering of my documents which are required for processing the visa. They took care of the entire visa processing on my behalf and ensured that I submitted all the necessary documents. My case officer kept me all the details informed and maintained a constant rapo. Thanks to the entire team of Opulentus for helping me get through the process and it was really helpful. You guys gave me the best and I will surely recommend you guys to those who are seeking expert assistance for visa processing and guidance. Thanks a lot once again. Consumer Review¬†  

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