Canada Visa Process

Opulentus Opulentus has been with me throughout the visa process. I thank the entire team of Opulentus and my case officer for helping me through the process. They took care of all my necessary requirements for processing the visa.

I was interested in working abroad and I had experience too in my hand. I dint know how to go and I dint know which country was the best for me. I had a conversation regarding this with one of my office colleagues and he told me to approach Opulentus which is a leading immigration consultancy and they can help me with the entire process.

So, the next day I wanted to give it a shot and approached them. I told them my requirement and they immediately started giving me options for the kind of work or place and how many places I am eligible of working with the experience I have, how much they will pay me. I was really impressed with their information.

They are up to date with all the information. They even gave me few countries as options and told that my field was good in their countries and there is even growth. I immediately availed their services and opted for Canada. They took my pre assessment to check if I was eligible to the country employment. Luckily I was and they started processing my visa immediately.

My case officer at Opulentus helped me with the gathering of my documents which are required for processing the visa. They took care of the entire visa processing on my behalf and ensured that I submitted all the necessary documents. My case officer kept me all the details informed and maintained a constant rapo.

Thanks to the entire team of Opulentus for helping me get through the process and it was really helpful. You guys gave me the best and I will surely recommend you guys to those who are seeking expert assistance for visa processing and guidance.

Thanks a lot once again.

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Opulentus steadfast and swift services in my Germany jobseeker visa

Hello friends this is Prameela, today I am glad to share my experience which I have recently come across the immigration consultants of Opulentus. Right from my childhood I had a dream of grabbing the best job opportunity in an overseas nation that has secure and welcoming ambiance. With a strong intention to grab the employment opportunity in overseas I have completed my schooling in distinction. I am happy with my performance and I am sure that I can easily grab a chance to work in my dream destination Germany.

It’s a known fact that Germany is a country that is surrounded by resplendent natural attractions and ancient monuments. And now I am planning to move to my dream nation by the obtaining the concerned job seeker visa of the country.

Opulentus – Immigration, Visa & Overseas Job… by opulentusvisa

How have I come across the best in industry visa consultants of Opulentus?

With a target of attaining the respective visa of the country, I have started to gain detailed cognizance on its visa options and updated requirements to fulfill my career vehement at the earliest and explore my passion. I have almost gained full information on its visa options but hesitated to take the further step. Henceforth, I have planned to consult the trained and qualified staff of Opulentus with one of my friends’ suggestion to fulfill my career aspiration at the earliest.

I way I received the best in industry visa services from the professional consultants of Opulentus are quite good when compared to the services proffered by the other immigration staff. I am spell bound with their services and I heartily appreciate their prompt and swift services.

Why Opulentus?

Opulentus is one of the leading immigration consultancies that offer reliable services to its potential clients. Our trained team follows a channelized process that would be supportive for a client to easily get through the process and gain fine awareness on their desires visa option. If you have any issues or concerns regarding any of the visa option, you can approach us without any hesitation to fulfill your career goal soon.

Opulentus facilitation in my Dubai visit visa process

Opulentus visa consultancy deals with Authentic complaints - Opulentus ReviewHai all, I am Roli. I am here to share my experience with Opulentus in my Dubai visit visa process. I am passionate about travelling and have taken a trip to almost all the beautiful nations across the globe, but could not move to Dubai due to lack of awareness and knowledge on the top-notch destinations to visit in that country. One of my friends has recently migrated to Dubai for working. Two days before when I have talked to him through phone, he has revealed to me that, Dubai is a nation that is surrounded with vibrant cultures, high-rise buildings, traditions, stupendous attractions, landscapes and many others.

How I have come across Opulentus:

By listening to his talk, my interest towards visiting Dubai for sightseeing increased to twice. With an enthusiasm of migrating to Dubai on visit visa I have started searching for a renowned immigration consultancy that has professional firm who would be behind me throughout my migration process. One fine day with one of my neighbors’ suggestion I have come across Opulentus consultants, I really found them as cooperative when I was in need. The way they assisted me from the first day of my application lodging was awesome.

My journey with Opulentus firm:

The migration professionals of Opulentus are reliable and straightforward, who offer best in industry migration services to its clients. They not only aid a client in processing the visa application but also aid in gaining knowledge on every immigration process related to the country which I have chosen. I am spell bound with their excellent services and I will put forward a word to all my near and dear ones to approach Opulentus professionals for any sort of immigration services.

My Ratings:

Their assistance: 5/5
Reliability: 5/5
Their professional approach: 5/5
Advice: 5/5

Opulentus assistance in my Canada student visa process

Hai friends I am Sharmila, today I am happy to share my journey with Opulentus in my Canada migration process. With a dream of pursuing my higher studies in overseas nation that has top ranked universities, institutions that follow special principles, good environment to study and metropolitan cities, I have completed my schooling recently. After the completion of my schooling I have started gathering every information related to migration options of my dream destination.

How I have come across Opulentus?

Recently I have accidently met one of my childhood friend who came from Canada near to my hometown. I have asked him about the institutions and the education programs that are been offered by the top ranked institutions that are present in the country. When he started reveling about the education and living standards that are been followed by them, my interest towards relocating to Canada has increased much more.

The very next day I have stared surfing about the best immigration consultancy in the industry that would suggest me with the best visa options and services that suits my requirement at affordable cost. Then I have come across Opulentus, a fast emerging visa consultancy that offers focused and dedicated immigration services at affordable cost.

My experience with Opulentus:

The professional immigration consultants of Opulentus offer never-ending solutions regarding every issue that we have on immigration. Their expertise hands are well- educated and trained who offer outstanding services in the appropriate manner. I think it as a perfect destination for every client who is looking forward for excellent immigration assistance. Till today they have successfully managed migration services to more than thousands of individuals. On the whole I found it as a one stop destination for every query that we have regarding every immigration visa options and advanced norms.

Customer Review

Opulentus Remarkable Support

My case was different than every other case. I was rejected with Canadian visa twice, and I have no idea as to why it happened. I don’t know what the visa consultancy I availed for did. They promised me to get through the process and failed twice and gave me some random explanation. I just wanted to go Canada. One of my uncles came to me and told about the Opulentus visa consultancy which gives the best visa services. I was still spectacle about it because I have already faced rejection twice because of a visa consultancy, but my uncle urged me to consult them and I did it because of my uncle and now I thank him forcing me to consult Opulentus. When I consulted them and told that I am holder of two rejections for the Canadian visa.

Opulentus team still gave me the confidence of getting the visa for the third trail. At first I thought they were encouraging me for their benefit, but no they were very serious about my case and studied my entire report and the reason why I dint get my visa. Opulentus team kept in constant touch regarding my visa processing and trained me for the visa interview. They were always there for my doubts as I was rejected twice for the visa. But with their training I finally got through the visa processing and got a positive reply. I could not believe my eyes and I was surprised with the kind of work and support they lend towards me. Thanks Opulentus for making my dream come true.

Opulentus Support In Obtaining Germany Student Visa

Hi friends,

This is Sanjay, thanks to Opulentus for assisting and processing my Germany student visa successfully. The team members of Opulentus visa consultants are really amazing they done a great job. Opulentus visa and immigration services are genuine and fulfilled all my requirements.

I am from a middle class family with overseas career dream for better future. I was planning to pursue my higher studies in Germany as, the cost of education and living in Germany is comparatively less and country offers a wide range of opportunities to overseas students. I had already applied for Germany student visa through some other consultancies and it was rejected twice. I was very disappointed and lost all my hopes of overseas education. Then one of my cousins who reside in UK advised me to approach Opulentus for successful visa process. I thought let’s try once again and approached Opulentus. They have completely gone through my profile and documents. Opulentus immigration consultants explained me the reasons for which my visa got rejected twice. They guaranteed me the successful visa process. During the visa application process their services are awesome. But, I was not sure about my visa approval as, I faced visa rejection twice. I provided all the necessary documents and did what they said and at last I got my visa after two rejections. They are simply superb and nothing is impossible for them.

Thanks to Opulentus.

We Made Our Triumphant Journey To Ireland With Opulentus Support


This is Manju. We are a group of 10 people who have planned to travel to Ireland for tourism. We went ahead with the procedure and the required documentation to eventually find that two among us have been rejected of the visa.

Our travel plan being ahead, we were in a dilemma and at the most disappointed that all of us cannot make it together. However, I did not want to comprise on it and thought of alternate options to make the journey possible with all of us together.

While thinking on this, I came to know about Opulentus through one of our known colleagues. This stood as a ray of hope on our path. Without any delay, I and both of my friends, have visited the office and presented the case before them.

They immediately found that certain documentation was missing and the way my friends have presented before the consular officer at the interview did not prove to be effective. They boosted our confidence levels by supporting and guiding us with the application filing, necessary documents and the way one is to exhibit himself or herself before the consular officer.

Their support was of great help that both of my friends were successfully approved of their visas this time. We are excited to make our journey to Ireland next month as planned.

Opulentus helped me in getting Denmark Green Card

I was inspired by the services offered by the Opulentus and its team during my Denmark Green Card Process. I have opted Denmark Green Card route to immigrate to Denmark. As I am not familiar with the process and other stuff, I have approached Opulentus to process my Denmark Green Card visa application.

Armed with well-experienced team of visa counselors, Opulentus has assisted me in each and every phase of immigration process. They have updated me with all the rules of Denmark immigration process. Also, they have assisted me with regards to Denmark point’s calculator. The visa counselors were so friendly and have assisted me with regards to paperwork, what tests to be taken out, and the visa interview, which is considered as the most important.

Most of the communication was via e-mail, and all my concerns and doubts were clarified promptly. Having a special grievance work area to deal with client’s issues and queries is one of the best things about Opulentus. Their guidance made my whole process more efficient and less stressful. They have asked me for all the documents and presented my case in the best manner. With their assistance, I got my Denmark Green Card at a faster pace.

Thanks a lot for all the support you have extended to me and what I can do is-Suggesting everyone to seek assistance from you for any immigration processes.

Opulentus support and guidance in obtaining Canada PR – Review

Hi friends! This is Sanjana I am here to share my experience regarding Opulentus overseas career assistance in my Canada immigration process.  They are really amazing, under their guidance only I got my Canada PR. Their way of dealing with client immigration issues and their excellent assistance impressed me a lot. I never expected that I could get my Canada PR within a short period of time. The entire credit goes to Opulentus immigration consultants. Their professionalism and spontaneity while dealing with clients immigration issues are really awesome. In fact, their assistance and services made me a big fan of them.

I completed my graduation and started working in a software company. Since 2010, I have been working as a software developer and gained a work experience of 4 years. Then, I thought of migrating to Canada permanently for better career opportunities. However, I am unaware of immigration process and its formalities. I was pondering for a best immigration and visa consultancy to process my Canada PR. Then, I came to know about Opulentus visa and immigration consultants. Before approaching them I have gone through Opulentus reviews and met some of their clients. Each and every client come up with a positive feedback and expressed their satisfaction in a great manner.

So, I finally decided o approach Opulentus and their immigration service and assistance is awesome. Within a short period of time, I got my Canada PR.

Opulentus changed my life for good – reviews

I am an employee in an IT based company. I wanted to grow big; I wanted to migrate for good. I had to do a lot of research on career opportunities and found UK as one of the best option for me, it was quite confusing, and that’s when I thought that a person with expertise can only explain me clearly regarding this matter. I went to Opulentus on the suggestion of my friend; they gave me all the information I wanted regarding the idea of migrating to UK. I was completely satisfied by the information and they also helped me in processing my visa documents. They took care of the post landing services too. I have never seen any visa services which took so much initiative regarding its client post landing services. The officers were kind and provided me the required information and took the time to clarify my doubts. They have taken care of me until they I gave the confirmation that I was completely settled. The rapo they maintained was really remarkable.

Opulentus instills confidence in my parents regards to my safety

As a student of mechanical engineering, I was always interested in going abroad and doing my masters in automobile engineering for which my parents also agreed. After a wide research, I realized that I do not understand few terms such as M1, F1 and little documentations. That’s when my dad came up with Opulentus, which provides one of the best visa services. They elucidated the terms and conditions, the visa process and took care of my visa documentation, but my parents were a bit apprehensive about sending me there all alone. Thanks to Opulentus, they provided me with the post landing services and took care of all the needs. Now my parents also know when where and how I am at what time and they felt completely secured after that.

I got my Canada visit visa – Testimonial

I am Pranav, I got my Canada visit visa. I am very glad to the entire team of Opulentus for assisting me and guiding me throughout my visa process. Their way of addressing clients and dealing with niggling issues is awesome. I never expect that I will reach my destination so soon. Their guidance and supervision has made my visa process simple and hassle-free.

I am a 45 years old government employee from Hyderabad. A few years back my daughter migrated to Canada to pursue her masters, but due to some busy schedule she didn’t turn back and thus, I planned to visit Canada for some specific period of time to meet her. I am unaware of immigration process, formalities and other sort of immigration related stuff. So, I thought of consulting an immigration consultancy for visa assistance. I have applied for Canada visit visa last year through some visa consultancy but, unfortunately it was rejected. Then, finally I came across Opulentus immigration consultancy and gone through several Opulentus reviews and I was surprised by seeing all those reviews.

I immediately walk into their office for Canada visit visa assistance. They explained me the entire visa process and asked to submit the necessary documents. Finally, I got my visit visa to Canada within a short period of time.

Thanks to Opulentus!

Opulentus Consumer Review

Thanks Opulentus for doing the needful – Success Story

Hi guys, I am here to un-tuck the tales that none other than my close persons know about my transformation from an average employee to a vice-president of a pharmaceutical company. When I chose B. Pharmacy at the cost of MBBS (although I cracked EAMCET with good rank), many in my family were sure that I was set to tread a wrong path. My passion towards that subject literally made me challenge everyone that I would come out with flying colours.

Life, however, had a different version for me, which was introduced to me, when it threw a curve after the completion of my pharmacy degree. Although there were enough jobs for pharmacists, all of them were, however, of low significance.  I worked at pharmacy stores, as a pharmacy lecturer and other odd jobs that I was actually not interest in. Come on, who would like to study literature to set up a book stall? My case was something of that sort.

After overhearing a general discussion of medical receptionists on a train, I learned that pharmacy has bright prospects in foreign countries. It was then I started enquiring about some good visa consultancies that could process my visa and see to it that I land in a foreign country.

Two weeks of extensive research on visa consultancies..and the result—I got to know about this premier visa consultancy—Opulentus( I immediately approached them and narrated everything. They understood my problem and forwarded my case to the career counselors at Opulentus.

The counselors took me through several sessions about prospects of pharmacy in different countries. I finally chose US as my destination, thanks to their help. Chosen the country? What next? Opulentus executives told me that they would process my visa to Canada under Provincial Nominee Program first wherein I could go to Canada and search for a job. Since Canada and US are close by, the prospects would be, more or less the same, they told me. They even assured to me that migration to US from Canada would be a cakewalk.

I agreed to what they have said and finally submitted all my documents. After about nine months, I got a call from Opulentus stating that I got a visa. I even availed their post landing services. Right from booking ticket to Canada to settling in the house of my choice, Opulentus did everything to see me happy.

It’s been nearly five years that I have migrated to Canada. I am in a very good position. Without proper guidance of Opulentus, trust me, I would have been working at some medical stores for sure. I really thank Opulentus for doing the needful.



Opulentus solved my problem – Review

Hi all, I am Bhaskar Pathak from Ahmedabad. I am an alumnus of IIM who got n number of job offers when I was in my final year itself, out of which most were campus placements.

I accepted one of the job offers as I liked the package, they however said they would only give me an offer letter and I need to get the visa on my own.

I didn’t want to lose out on that amazing opportunity. So, I approached Opulentus. Getting a visa to Canada based on that offer letter actually was practically not possible as I needed at least three years experience to go there or someone should sponsor me. Opulentus advised me to talk to the company and told me to ask the company to sponsor my application at Opulentus Canada office.

I successfully convinced the company, who approached Opulentus and sponsored my application through them. If Opulentus would have not guided me, I would have lost that good opportunity. Mere thanks to Opulentus will not be sufficient, however can’t stop hailing them as they are worth all the praise.  Opulentus is the best in the industry.

Opulentus testimonials


Obtained my Denmark visa through Opulentus Guidance

Hi friends, I am Apoorva from Delhi. I am here to share my happiness with you all. Recently I got my Denmark visa and very soon i.e. within a week I am flying to Denmark. The entire credit of goes to Opulentus immigration consultants, they guided and assisted me throughout the Denmark immigration process.

I always dreamt of moving to a foreign country for better career opportunities. However, I am unaware of immigration process and its formalities. I have posted all my immigration and visa queries and issues in many of the immigration portals but no one has resolved my issues and queries. Finally I started searching for immigration and visa consultancies, which could assist me in my immigration process for better career. Then, I came to know about Opulentus immigration consultancy and straight way walk into their office with all my requirements and credentials.

The professionals of Opulentus help desk team reviewed by profile completely and said me that I am eligible for Denmark immigration. Their words motivated me and their guidance was awesome. Their services are beyond my expectations. They made my immigration process hassle-free. The expert team is highly experienced and knowledgeable in the field of immigration. I made a right choice of approaching Opulentus overseas career. Under their guidance I got my Demark visa within a period of two months. Thanks to Opulentus.

Any individual, if planning to migrate to a foreign country my suggestion is to approach Opulentus for successful immigration process. Their dedication towards the clients’ immigration process and their efforts made my dream to come true.

Got my Australia visa by Opulentus assistance

Hi, this is Kalyani. My relation with Opulentus is somewhat eccentric and unexpected. Within a period of one week my marriage was fixed and my husband left for Australia immediately after our wedding, because of some urgent work. I am unaware of immigration process and I want to accompany him as soon as possible. I know that immigration process is very tricky and red tape process. Then, I thought to approach a consultancy for visa assistance. But, I wonder how to approach a genuine and trusty worthy immigration consultant.

One fine day I suddenly met one of my old friends who returned from US after a long time. She said that with the assistance of Opulentus visa consultancy she got her US visa and the firm is expert in rendering immigration services throughout the world. Then, I approached Opulentus visa consultants, I was surprised! They are amazing; they received me with a great honor and clearly explained me the entire process of Australia partner immigration. I was actually impressed with the morals of the firm and their dedication towards clients’ requirements. They asked me for some documents to process my visa and it took less than two months to get my visa.

Hats off to Opulentus! I appreciate their excellent immigration assistance.


Opulentus—the king maker – success story

To my children who are now in their teenage, their father is a hero. They just overheard the stories from their grandmother the way my story opened up with rags and progressed to riches. They hear the path of thorns that I chose to tread and the unexplainable episodes of torments that now find place in my biography.

Although they come across Opulentus term whenever someone unveils my hardship, they probably think Opulentus( is one of their dad’s friends without whom their dad would have been nowhere.

Is he (Opulentus) really your friend dad? Whenever they question me with a puzzled face, I nod with a smile and say ‘yes, in fact more than that.’

It was sometime in 2000 that the car shed that I basically used to bank upon for my bread and butter became the last sought after thing for my so called customers. Blame it my fate or the something else, I closed my shed and started working in a small motor vehicles company for Rs.3000.

From Rs. 30,000 a month, I came down to that figure that was barely sufficient to support my family. It was then my attention shifted towards one of the persons, who once worked in my shed, was earning decent in Dubai.

I contacted him and he said he came to Dubai through Opulentus and asked me to approach them. I immediately contacted them and said that I wanted to work as a driver in Canada, wherein I can earn that Rs. 30,000 (converted) easily. They told me that Canada would be ideal place for drivers and processed a temporary visa to go there and find a job.

I came to Canada and started working in a Saskatchewan trucking firm. It was the idea given by Opulentus. After working there for six months, they got in touch with me and processed my visa under Provincial Nominee Programme (PNP).

That’s how I have become a permanent resident of Canada all because of Opulentus. Slowly, they guided me and asked me to sponsor for my wife, children and parents, which I did.  From a truck driver I eventually rose to a person who now holds a truck company in Canada.  I am now a role model to thousands of people in my village.

Transparent, professional and commitment—put together makes Opulentus

This is Aoife from Canada. Although my ancestral origin is Germany, I was born Canadian national as my parents settled here in their young age.  During my childhood days I happened to visit Frankfurt on tourist visa every now and then with my parents and I am fascinated with the culture and lifestyle there.

As I eagerly wanted to migrate to Frankfurt, I tried all possible ways to secure a job in Germany. I am basically a pharmacy scientist with four years of experience. Tried all online job portals that would land me in some job in Frankfurt, however to no avail.

Migrating to Germany was the only thing that was on my mind that I often used to tell my friends. One of my friend’s father, who was in to immigration authority, told me-when I visited their place-about Germany Job Seeker Visa.

He handed over a visiting card of this immigration company ‘Opulentus-The Visa Company.’ I approached Opulentus office on one fine day. The office was decent enough and had couple of executives who were busy explaining things to clients in the L shaped hall that could be visible from the front office due to clear and transparent glass wall that separated front office and the work station.

I somewhere read in a psychology magazine that when things are clearly visible from the front office, it has a symbolic significance that intends to say ‘things are very transparent here.’

I, therefore, got a clear cut idea about their transparency on the very first visit.

I spoke to the person sitting in the front office and picked up this Germany Job Seeker Visa. She politely told me, ‘Ms. Aoife, sure we will do the needful. I request you to wait for a minute, please take your seat.’

I sat there…after a couple of seconds, two people entered the front office and accompanied me to a room where the chief of that office was busy gazing at the monitor sipping, probably some hot beverage.

As I said, everything was clearly visible from outside. That’s the specialty of Opulentus. The moment the doors opened, the chief stood up and welcomed me inside with a smile.  Pointing towards one of the chairs, he offered me a seat.

He was draped in ash-colored suit, neatly shaved that projected him as complete professional; Good, Opulentus guys are professionals—a thought that I kept within myself.

I am somewhere in late 20s and he, I guess he was in mid50s, yet the respect he gave me left an ever lasting impression on Opulentus. I could clearly see vapours rising out of the coffee mug he kept aside, he didn’t touch it until someone stepped in and offered me coffee, though I politely rejected it. This showed the way he was brought up and his manners as to how to treat a human. And credit again goes to Opulentus as it has such decent people at helm and imagine how others will be.

That’s it, I decided, if I have to process my visa, definitely I would process it from here. Also, I have a huge network that none can ever imagine. I also made up my mind that I would put a word about Opulentus within my circles.

Later on, I explained everything to him. About Germany Job Seeker Visa and my four years experience in scientific research. He told me that Opulentus would process the visa.

I sat with the immigration executive during my next visit when I submitted my documents and passport copy.  Opulentus people processed my visa timely and I got my visa within the stipulated time.

Now I am in Germany enjoying the weather. Hope I would soon find a job here. The impression that Opulentus chief left on me was ever-lasting and I would cherish that meeting for the rest of my life.

I recommend Opulentus to everyone who is in need of visa. They are committed to excellence, no doubt in that. Visit them once, you will only get to know!


Opulentus is an awesome visa company

Hi friends,

This is Chris from Canada. While I see many people migrating to Canada, I wanted to immigrate to some other country as my girlfriend live there. Melbourne of Australia—I badly wanted to reach there—definitely not on a tourist visa.

I actually want to attend to office, come back home and spend some good time with her until we decide about marriage.

I was not good at immigration stuff. As I know a couple of my friends who came to Canada from Asia, I enquired how they have come here. Most of them said—Opulentus-Visa Company helped them in processing their visas. This was certainly an amazing piece of info that helped me as I know the address of this visa consultancy here in Canada.

I immediately approached them and explained my story. As I am already having good experience as a medical doctor, things appeared at ease. Opulentus people were highly systematic people with no room for ‘yo-yo type cool approach towards things,’ which I particularly liked in them.

Opulentus folks processed my visa. And I got a visa finally. It’s really awesome to imagine that I would soon be at the place I always wanted to be.


Successful Client of Opulentus on Receiving Canada PR – Testominial

This is Lyngdoh from Shillong of Meghalaya who used to work at Delhi University. My association with Opulentus dates back to 2003 when I got an opportunity to go Canada. I initially approached the visa high command on my own and processed my visa. I received a shocker in the form of ‘visa rejection.’

I didn’t know what should be done. There were barely any decent visa consultants in Delhi at that point of time. As I enquired my friends, some of them said they heard this ‘Opulentus visa company.’ I somehow managed to get the address and approached Opulentus consultancy.

The office looked highly organized and professional and so were its employees. I went with all the documents that I submitted at the high command. They went through everything and said that I was missing a key document that was a mandatory for Canada immigration although it was not a must for other countries.

This was the simple thing that we, as individuals, may miss out. I simply said I wanted a visa very badly. Although they said that visa approval is at the sole discretion of the visa company, my application has every chance to get a visa.

They reapplied for the visa. However, it was for a different visa programme. They didn’t mention that I already had a job. Whatever it is, I just wanted visa. I finally got it through Opulentus. These guys actually know the many ways of getting visa with ease. That’s the reason Opulentus is a big name today in the immigration world. I highly recommend Opulentus.

Opulentus guided me regarding visa

Having heard so much of Opulentus, I approached them with my request—search for a job and get the visa for me. They understood my determination to work overseas. Opulentus guidance team told me about the process. They even told me that they actually don’t search for jobs. I like the way they explained things to me. Opulentus people leave it there.  They further mentioned about this German Job Seeker Visa.

They explained me as to how I can actually visit Germany for a period of six months on this visa. I was so happy and also impressed with Opulentus for sharing this knowledge. They have asked for all the documents; submitted them and currently I am waiting for my visa.

Hopefully I will soon get German Job Seeker Visa. After going there, I will search for a job and then again approach Opulentus for a job visa. Opulentus guys are really helpful to me. In fact, I was in all smiles when I even got to know about their exclusive department Opulentus complaints that would look into the issues of clients and solve them promptly.