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Opulentus ReviewMy name is Kannan and I am from Kannur in Kerala. I will tell you how Opulentus changed my life for good. After my graduation,there were not many jobs in my place. So, my folks suggested me go to the Middle East. Somehow, I got my visa on my own and worked there for two years.

I started disliking my job, pay and even the terrible climate in Gulf. I always wanted to come back or shift to another country to do a job that suits my profile.

Things were sounding challenging and I was eventually pushed over the edge. It was one day, I came across Opulentus, a leading immigration company in India on Google, which helps in getting visas to Indian citizens willing to go USA, UK and other top countries to do the jobs of their choice.

Response at Opulentus:                     

From Abu Dhabi when I contacted Opulentus helpdesk, I felt like I got a ray of hope to live. I told them my problem and upon their assurance, I came back to India and applied for a test engineer job in the United States.

Visa processing:

It took about a week for Opulentus to process my visa. All this while, Opulentus visa support was constantly in touch with providing all the status updates on the progress of my visa application, which I applied through them.

Finally when I got the visa, they called me up and said the same. I felt like it was God who spoke to me through Opulentus. Yes, God heard my prayers and reached out to me.

Opulentus gave me new life:

I still can’t forget those sleepless nights I spent in Gulf. Although I wanted to come back, I couldn’t because of obligations. Now I have no regrets. I get a sound sleep. I enjoy my work and in all my thanks giving prayers to God, I do mention—Thanks a lot for hearing me and giving me the much needed help in the form of Opulentus.

If you are reading this piece, I am sure God wants to help you too.

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