Opulentus is my backbone! – Success Story

Hi, I came to know about Opulentus through one of my friends. I am a doctor with nearly four years of experience in my own clinic. Didn’t know what has happened, the number of patients visiting my clinic dipped drastically due to tough competition of other doctors who were attracting even patients with colourful display boards and other advertisement materials and so called free camps.

At one point time, the going got tough. One of my old patients, who later became my close friend told me about Opulentus and asked me to approach them for some solution. I actually didn’t even know it was a visa consultancy. I thought it must be some recruiting firm.

After I went to Opulentus, I explained everything to them. They immediately said Germany would be the right option for me. I could go to Germany without any offer letter and search for some job there. I was bit skeptic. However, soon got convinced. I applied for Germany Job Seeker Visa through Opulentus.

I got my visa soon and went to Germany, Currently, I have three amazing offers at world class hospitals and I will soon choose as to which hospital I would join. Opulentus is my backbone!

Special thanks to Opulentus help desk!