Opulentus—the king maker – success story

To my children who are now in their teenage, their father is a hero. They just overheard the stories from their grandmother the way my story opened up with rags and progressed to riches. They hear the path of thorns that I chose to tread and the unexplainable episodes of torments that now find place in my biography.

Although they come across Opulentus term whenever someone unveils my hardship, they probably think Opulentus(https://opulentusreview.in/) is one of their dad’s friends without whom their dad would have been nowhere.

Is he (Opulentus) really your friend dad? Whenever they question me with a puzzled face, I nod with a smile and say ‘yes, in fact more than that.’

It was sometime in 2000 that the car shed that I basically used to bank upon for my bread and butter became the last sought after thing for my so called customers. Blame it my fate or the something else, I closed my shed and started working in a small motor vehicles company for Rs.3000.

From Rs. 30,000 a month, I came down to that figure that was barely sufficient to support my family. It was then my attention shifted towards one of the persons, who once worked in my shed, was earning decent in Dubai.

I contacted him and he said he came to Dubai through Opulentus and asked me to approach them. I immediately contacted them and said that I wanted to work as a driver in Canada, wherein I can earn that Rs. 30,000 (converted) easily. They told me that Canada would be ideal place for drivers and processed a temporary visa to go there and find a job.

I came to Canada and started working in a Saskatchewan trucking firm. It was the idea given by Opulentus. After working there for six months, they got in touch with me and processed my visa under Provincial Nominee Programme (PNP).

That’s how I have become a permanent resident of Canada all because of Opulentus. Slowly, they guided me and asked me to sponsor for my wife, children and parents, which I did.  From a truck driver I eventually rose to a person who now holds a truck company in Canada.  I am now a role model to thousands of people in my village.