Thanks Opulentus for doing the needful – Success Story

Hi guys, I am here to un-tuck the tales that none other than my close persons know about my transformation from an average employee to a vice-president of a pharmaceutical company. When I chose B. Pharmacy at the cost of MBBS (although I cracked EAMCET with good rank), many in my family were sure that I was set to tread a wrong path. My passion towards that subject literally made me challenge everyone that I would come out with flying colours.

Life, however, had a different version for me, which was introduced to me, when it threw a curve after the completion of my pharmacy degree. Although there were enough jobs for pharmacists, all of them were, however, of low significance.  I worked at pharmacy stores, as a pharmacy lecturer and other odd jobs that I was actually not interest in. Come on, who would like to study literature to set up a book stall? My case was something of that sort.

After overhearing a general discussion of medical receptionists on a train, I learned that pharmacy has bright prospects in foreign countries. It was then I started enquiring about some good visa consultancies that could process my visa and see to it that I land in a foreign country.

Two weeks of extensive research on visa consultancies..and the result—I got to know about this premier visa consultancy—Opulentus( I immediately approached them and narrated everything. They understood my problem and forwarded my case to the career counselors at Opulentus.

The counselors took me through several sessions about prospects of pharmacy in different countries. I finally chose US as my destination, thanks to their help. Chosen the country? What next? Opulentus executives told me that they would process my visa to Canada under Provincial Nominee Program first wherein I could go to Canada and search for a job. Since Canada and US are close by, the prospects would be, more or less the same, they told me. They even assured to me that migration to US from Canada would be a cakewalk.

I agreed to what they have said and finally submitted all my documents. After about nine months, I got a call from Opulentus stating that I got a visa. I even availed their post landing services. Right from booking ticket to Canada to settling in the house of my choice, Opulentus did everything to see me happy.

It’s been nearly five years that I have migrated to Canada. I am in a very good position. Without proper guidance of Opulentus, trust me, I would have been working at some medical stores for sure. I really thank Opulentus for doing the needful.