Transparent, professional and commitment—put together makes Opulentus

This is Aoife from Canada. Although my ancestral origin is Germany, I was born Canadian national as my parents settled here in their young age.  During my childhood days I happened to visit Frankfurt on tourist visa every now and then with my parents and I am fascinated with the culture and lifestyle there.

As I eagerly wanted to migrate to Frankfurt, I tried all possible ways to secure a job in Germany. I am basically a pharmacy scientist with four years of experience. Tried all online job portals that would land me in some job in Frankfurt, however to no avail.

Migrating to Germany was the only thing that was on my mind that I often used to tell my friends. One of my friend’s father, who was in to immigration authority, told me-when I visited their place-about Germany Job Seeker Visa.

He handed over a visiting card of this immigration company ‘Opulentus-The Visa Company.’ I approached Opulentus office on one fine day. The office was decent enough and had couple of executives who were busy explaining things to clients in the L shaped hall that could be visible from the front office due to clear and transparent glass wall that separated front office and the work station.

I somewhere read in a psychology magazine that when things are clearly visible from the front office, it has a symbolic significance that intends to say ‘things are very transparent here.’

I, therefore, got a clear cut idea about their transparency on the very first visit.

I spoke to the person sitting in the front office and picked up this Germany Job Seeker Visa. She politely told me, ‘Ms. Aoife, sure we will do the needful. I request you to wait for a minute, please take your seat.’

I sat there…after a couple of seconds, two people entered the front office and accompanied me to a room where the chief of that office was busy gazing at the monitor sipping, probably some hot beverage.

As I said, everything was clearly visible from outside. That’s the specialty of Opulentus. The moment the doors opened, the chief stood up and welcomed me inside with a smile.  Pointing towards one of the chairs, he offered me a seat.

He was draped in ash-colored suit, neatly shaved that projected him as complete professional; Good, Opulentus guys are professionals—a thought that I kept within myself.

I am somewhere in late 20s and he, I guess he was in mid50s, yet the respect he gave me left an ever lasting impression on Opulentus. I could clearly see vapours rising out of the coffee mug he kept aside, he didn’t touch it until someone stepped in and offered me coffee, though I politely rejected it. This showed the way he was brought up and his manners as to how to treat a human. And credit again goes to Opulentus as it has such decent people at helm and imagine how others will be.

That’s it, I decided, if I have to process my visa, definitely I would process it from here. Also, I have a huge network that none can ever imagine. I also made up my mind that I would put a word about Opulentus within my circles.

Later on, I explained everything to him. About Germany Job Seeker Visa and my four years experience in scientific research. He told me that Opulentus would process the visa.

I sat with the immigration executive during my next visit when I submitted my documents and passport copy.  Opulentus people processed my visa timely and I got my visa within the stipulated time.

Now I am in Germany enjoying the weather. Hope I would soon find a job here. The impression that Opulentus chief left on me was ever-lasting and I would cherish that meeting for the rest of my life.

I recommend Opulentus to everyone who is in need of visa. They are committed to excellence, no doubt in that. Visit them once, you will only get to know!