Successful Client of Opulentus on Receiving Canada PR – Testominial


This is Lyngdoh from Shillong of Meghalaya who used to work at Delhi University. My association with Opulentus dates back to 2003 when I got an opportunity to go Canada. I initially approached the visa high command on my own and processed my visa. I received a shocker in the form of ‘visa rejection.’

I didn’t know what should be done. There were barely any decent visa consultants in Delhi at that point of time. As I enquired my friends, some of them said they heard this ‘Opulentus visa company.’ I somehow managed to get the address and approached Opulentus consultancy.

The office looked highly organized and professional and so were its employees. I went with all the documents that I submitted at the high command. They went through everything and said that I was missing a key document that was a mandatory for Canada immigration although it was not a must for other countries.

This was the simple thing that we, as individuals, may miss out. I simply said I wanted a visa very badly. Although they said that visa approval is at the sole discretion of the visa company, my application has every chance to get a visa.

They reapplied for the visa. However, it was for a different visa programme. They didn’t mention that I already had a job. Whatever it is, I just wanted visa. I finally got it through Opulentus. These guys actually know the many ways of getting visa with ease. That’s the reason Opulentus is a big name today in the immigration world. I highly recommend Opulentus.


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