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We Made Our Triumphant Journey To Ireland With Opulentus Support


This is Manju. We are a group of 10 people who have planned to travel to Ireland for tourism. We went ahead with the procedure and the required documentation to eventually find that two among us have been rejected of the visa.

Our travel plan being ahead, we were in a dilemma and at the most disappointed that all of us cannot make it together. However, I did not want to comprise on it and thought of alternate options to make the journey possible with all of us together.

While thinking on this, I came to know about Opulentus through one of our known colleagues. This stood as a ray of hope on our path. Without any delay, I and both of my friends, have visited the office and presented the case before them.

They immediately found that certain documentation was missing and the way my friends have presented before the consular officer at the interview did not prove to be effective. They boosted our confidence levels by supporting and guiding us with the application filing, necessary documents and the way one is to exhibit himself or herself before the consular officer.

Their support was of great help that both of my friends were successfully approved of their visas this time. We are excited to make our journey to Ireland next month as planned.

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