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Opulentus Cleared Our Sudden Tension

Opulentus ReviewHi all, this is Dimple Kaura, a US national basically from Bangalore. Our problem was rather a peculiar one that was quickly resolved with the help of Opulentus overseas careers. Five years ago I was married to Mahipal Singh and shifted there. Three years ago, we were blessed with a baby boy.

Last December, my mother had fallen serious ill and I had to come to India along with my family. While my husband left within a week on some important work, I stayed back. I had an Indian passport, same is the case with my husband but our daughter was born US citizen and was given US passport. That means, she had no permission to stay more than six months.

We totally forgot on that point until my husband reminded about the same at the last moment. We rushed to Opulentus, as it Opulentus overseas careers processed our visas five years ago, and sought an immediate solution. They prepared the necessary documentation, helped us approach the police clearance certificate for safe side and also processed the visa. Fortunately, we got the visa soon and took off without any worries.  Opulentus came to our rescue and we can never forget it.

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