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Opulentus curtained distance between hearts!
Posted on: 15 Jun 2014  |   Tags: opulentus , opulentus service , shireen ,

Opulentus curtained distance between hearts!My name is Shireen and I am a doctor by profession.  After completing my MBBS in Bangalore, I went to US a decade ago for my higher studies.  I came back to India recently on a six-month’s visit wherein I met my would-be. We soon entered into the wedlock in India.

My husband who was also a doctor by profession was not really comfortable to accompany me on a dependant visa. He therefore applied for a L1B visa but got rejected due to some unknown reasons. Meanwhile, I left for USA as my visa was about to expire.

Learning about Opulentus:

There was not even a single day that I regretted for staying alone.  One day, one of my patients who faced a similar problem, told me about Opulentus. It was then I told my husband not to try individually but to approach a world class visa company like Opulentus.

Getting in touch with Opulentus:

Getting in touch with Opulentus was easy. They have a dedicated website that gives a-z information about migration and how they would assist in getting a visa. I went through Opulentus website and I emailed the link to my husband, who swiftly approached Opulentus.

Opulentus brought us together:

After applying at Opulentus, they told my husband not to apply for L1B visa (although he’s an expert cardiologist) but encouraged to apply for HIB1 visa. In a week’s time, his visa got approved. It was Opulentus that curtained the distance between hearts and brought us together on a happier note as my husband is a successful doctor here. Every year we celebrate our wedding anniversary together and we do send a thank you not to Opulentus!

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