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opulentus client success storyDear Opulentus, I am Ajay and I reside in the United States. I do not have words to express my gratitude for the help extended by you to my parents through your valuable services.

I am settled in the United States and my parents who are very old stay in Hyderabad, India. I planned to come to India to meet my parents for a holiday. But, unexpectedly due to severe health problem I could not make it. My parents were worried about me and they were very anxious to see me as early as possible. Though they hold a valid passport they were not well aware of the rules and regulations for applying a visa. As I was not by their side to help them decided to contact a friend of mine to know about a reliable immigration consultancy. It was at that time I came to known about Opulentus.

I informed my parents regarding this and asked them to visit the branch office. They were guided with the information relating to the necessary documents, appropriate forms to be filled and were by their side to fill the form correctly. The company acted on behalf of my parents and supported them in submission of the application.

Opulentus also provided guidance on how to face visa interview. My parents implemented all the suggested measures and were granted a visa successfully. They are with me now in the US.

Thank again, Opulentus for your valuable services.

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