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Opulentus Made Our Dreams Come True
Posted on: 24 Sep 2014  |   Tags: opulentus , Opulentus Reviews , Opulentus Success Stories ,

We are batch of 5 friends, and we had a pact in school that when we get old enough, we have to meet once a month. We were on our words and we started meeting every month, after a while we got bored hanging around in the same city and then started going for small tours, days passed, years passed and we were having a good time together cherishing all the old memories. One day one of my friends planned big, he wanted to go Canada. It was his childhood dream to go Canada for a holiday with his parents, but unfortunately his parents died in a car crash few years back. So we dint wanted to deny his wish and all of us agreed. Now the main point was, HOW TO GO CANADA? This was the only question in all our minds and the one guy up with a brilliant idea of consulting a visa service agent. He even knew who, as his newly married sister went to the States with the help of a visa consultant. He took us Opulentus and all of us sat with blank faces. The officer asked us our requirement and the only thing we told me was our friend wants to go Canada for holiday and we all want to accompany him, that’s all. From the next moment Opulentus took care of all our needs and documentation regarding the visa process, all we did was we just handed over the required documents asked. They guided us in every step and even gave us the post landing service. Thanks to the entire team of Opulentus, for all the hard work and support. I’m sure we are going to have an amazing trip.

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