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Opulentus Overseas Careers Support Transformed Our Lives

I’m Basheer Ali from Lucknow. I came to know about Opulentus immigration service when I decided to go to Australia. As I am the only son, I was really worried about the condition of my parents, who sold everything they had to including our house see me educated. Their dream was to send me to foreign country and solemnize my wedding one day.

Although I was bit skeptic about my foreign tour, my parents insisted that I need to go there and pursue M.S. They even took loan from my relatives for the same.  I had something else on my mind. How long depend on parents and keep on pursuing studies when my parents’ condition was so tough.

I approached Opulentus and sought an advice. The front office team directed me to Opulentus Overseas Careers support. The counselors there listened to me patiently. I told them that I couldn’t kill the dream of my parents to see me leave for foreign lands and at the same time expressed my concern to work.

Opulentus Overseas Careers support actually suggested me to apply for Canada immigration, secure a job and sponsor my parents.

It was a brilliant idea of Opulentus that I readily accepted. The visa processing formalities took the same amount of time and money, but my parents only knew that I was going to study and not for work. After six months I went to Canada, I told everything to my parents and even transferred money.

Initially they were angry that I lied but they were happy at my maturity. I not only cleared all the loans but even brought my parents here. Now, we live happily in Canada. I can never forget Opulentus Overseas Career support as I didn’t know something like this would actually happen.

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