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My case was different than every other case. I was rejected with Canadian visa twice, and I have no idea as to why it happened. I don’t know what the visa consultancy I availed for did. They promised me to get through the process and failed twice and gave me some random explanation. I just wanted to go Canada. One of my uncles came to me and told about the Opulentus visa consultancy which gives the best visa services. I was still spectacle about it because I have already faced rejection twice because of a visa consultancy, but my uncle urged me to consult them and I did it because of my uncle and now I thank him forcing me to consult Opulentus. When I consulted them and told that I am holder of two rejections for the Canadian visa.

Opulentus team still gave me the confidence of getting the visa for the third trail. At first I thought they were encouraging me for their benefit, but no they were very serious about my case and studied my entire report and the reason why I dint get my visa. Opulentus team kept in constant touch regarding my visa processing and trained me for the visa interview. They were always there for my doubts as I was rejected twice for the visa. But with their training I finally got through the visa processing and got a positive reply. I could not believe my eyes and I was surprised with the kind of work and support they lend towards me. Thanks Opulentus for making my dream come true.

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